Caring Hands Elder Care

Caring Hands Elder Care

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Caring Hands Elder Care is the premier choice for the best elder care services in Kolkata, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for seniors. Our comprehensive care approach addresses both medical and non-medical needs, promoting overall well-being. Medical Services in Kolkata: Our comprehensive medical services include regular check-ups, virtual doctor consultations, 24/7 ambulance assistance, in-home skilled nursing, yoga, physiotherapy, and massages. We ensure overnight emergency support, hospitalization, and security, arranging therapeutic equipment as needed. Our team extends critical care assistance, offering Dialysis and Chemotherapy support. We provide diagnostic tests, sample pickup, blood pressure, and blood glucose checks. Mental health is a priority, with counseling and therapy provided by licensed practitioners, promoting holistic well-being for our residents. Emergency Medical Services in Kolkata: Our dedicated team ensures immediate assistance during crises, with 24/7 ambulance availability and expert care to handle medical emergencies effectively. Trust us to provide prompt and reliable emergency medical services in Kolkata, prioritizing the well-being of your loved ones. Non-Medical Services in Kolkata: Our non-medical services offer companionship, walks, games, and reading to keep elders engaged. We assist with deciphering medical reports, drafting replies, and handling official documents. Our team helps with outdoor errands, grocery shopping, banking, and home maintenance tasks. We celebrate special occasions and deliver medicines to your doorstep. Enjoy nutritious meals from our sanitized kitchen and count on us for reliable car rentals for commutes or emergencies. Our belief in the power of holistic care makes Caring Hands the best choice for comprehensive elder care services in Kolkata, offering the best non-medical services in Kolkata to enhance the well-being of our residents.
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India, West Bengal, Kolkata, 700078, 3, Sucheta nagar Haltu, Kolkata – 700078
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