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Refund & Cancellation Policy

Please Note: We do not provide return & refund policy, however if the order is cancelled within a day's time subject to ad not publised on site we will refund your payments. Refund will be processed through same mode within 10 working days



Jobiba shall reserve the exclusive right to cancel any content whatsoever from being published or reflected on its website or in any other mode. The cancellation chargespayable to the advertiser by the customer shall be at the applicable rates laid down in the cancellation and refund policy.This can be done till the Ad status reads "Payment Received, Ad awaiting for review". No changes can be done after status being "Ad has been Published "



Ad/membership Cancellation for any reason, would entail a charge of 25% on your total cost would be only permissible till the Ad is not processed to the publishing.Under the circumstances an ad is missed to release on schedule date, on request of the customer we can refund the amount with no charges. Ad refunds are processed in the same mode in which we receive the payment. In case of refund of payment made through cash collection from home , we will use Cheque mode to refund the payment. Refunds are processed within 10 business days.