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Gis & crime management

Ad ID: 44080 2019-01-07 131 views


In India, law and civil administration is majorly maintained by the police department and due to our densely populated cities and suburbs it becomes really complex for them to keep a track of each and every incident. In order to address the issues whether big or small with quick response, time they ought to have a system which is efficient in gathering real-time information, which can be centrally located and is able to inform and guide forces to help them reach at crime location without any delay. There has been enormous increase in crime rates in recent years. Police department is under a lot of pressure to keep crime under control. In order to keep themselves ahead of the criminal’s, police should make use of the latest technologies and keep upgrading themselves.

Role of GIS in Crime Analysis
GIS can play a major role in Crime Analysis as it is a powerful tool for visualization, analysis and maintaining huge data base. It enables us to visualize and explore crime spatially. Environmental factors such as physical layout, proximity to various services and land use are likely to influence criminal behavior. GIS & Remote Sensing enables different combinations of available information and data to be used to identify the patterns of the crime by analyzing a range of variables recorded by police, relating where and when the incident occurred. GIS builds relationship for event allotment analysis, event positions and land use. The capability of GIS is high in different spatial units, providing immediate results and linking the spatial and other class of information for better crime analysis. It also helps to trace out the event cause thereby allowing decision makers with immediate responses. The advanced technologies and systems are capable of making our cities safe and sound for everyone using GIS. As they already came a long way since past few decades, everything depends on how fast the system and authorities accept to upgrade to a secured environment.

Ceinsys Solution for Crime Management
The crime application built is a small step taken to help our police department in detection activities. This application will help them to register and update crime records as well as police stations. It will store the information with their location and help maintain the centralized database for the department. From these registered crime records police can understand the spatial distribution of crime and analyze crime in numerous ways such as, by classifying crime types and spatially viewing the high density crime zones. Features like network analysis and real time navigation are also added to facilitate PCR Tracking and route optimization. One can generate maps and also extract reports. This application will serve as a complete decision support system and definitely prove beneficial to our police departments.

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