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Use t8 4ft v shaped led integrated tubes and prevent your money from getting wasted

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Many times we have come across the word LED integrated tubes while choosing the best lighting of our offices and homes, but are unaware of its benefits. Simply when the brackets and cooling tubes are combined the process is known as integration. Beneath are some of the advantages of using T8 4ft V-shaped LED integrated tubes:
The t8 4ft V Shaped LED Integrated tube is specially designed to provide a significantly lower operational cost as compared to the normally LED tubes which can give you an option to save 90 percent of your hard earned money.
These lights produce a very high intensity of light with up to 134 lumens per watt by using just per watt by using just 30 watts of electricity. The lumens output of these integrated tubes is 4000 lumens.
With the 270-degree beam angle, these integrated lights offer a wide beam angle that can solve the general lighting requirements of illuminating big places. Also with this perfect beam angle, you can easily install these integrated tubes in low ceiling rooms.
The T8 4ft V-shaped LED integrated tube don’t require any ballast, you just need to replace the fluorescent tube with the integrated tube by directly wiring it to the line source and without undertaking any step of ballast removal.
These t8 4ft V-shaped LED integrated tubes can work for almost 50,000 hours, with a very insignificant amount of lumen depreciation till the end of the lifespan, also you don’t have to pay maintenance and replacements cost which make it more frustrating while using the halogen lights.
These LED integrated tubes are a perfect solution to all your lighting needs and are beneficiary to replace the fluorescent tubes with these lights and prevent your precious money from getting wasted. Use these DLC certified tubes and enjoy attractive rebates and incentives as an additional advantage of using these lights.

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