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How to speed-up your mobile device

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Phone slowing down can be really annoying especially when you know that a lot of your work is dependent on it. though there is a continuous updation of the smartphones these days in terms of ram, rom and storage but the junk storing up in our smartphones catch up with the phone’s ability and slows it down still. xiaomi, samsung, sony or motorola, whatever smartphone you are using, you tend to face this issue if not handled properly. if none of the below works, go for factory reset option or reach out to a professional mobile phone repair company like mobigarage. they will do the complete diagnosis of the phone and suggest you the best possible option.
to start with, there are two most important things one should know and keep a check on –
one is to know the detailing of your phone in terms of features and using it accordingly. once you know what your phone is capable of, don’t go beyond its capabilities and burden it with unnecessary stuff.
second is checking the memory of your phone from time to time. don’t know how to do it? just go to app manager in the settings of your phone.
other than that, these little hacks can help you bring back the efficiency of the phone. just try them out and stay calm and relaxed.
clear-up space – all those selfie moments we like to capture, those songs that we download from here or there and a lot of unnecessary gifs and videos that we tend to download once we get it through a whatsapp message gets crammed up and eats up the memory. check your phone from time to time and delete whatever is not of use.
remove unnecessary apps & widgets – likewise, knowing or unknowingly, we end up downloading a lot of apps which keep running in the background. check them out and uninstall the unnecessary stuff. this will free up the space and increase the efficiency of the phone. similarly, all those special animation effects in your phone are good to look but take up space and if space is a constraint with your phone, it is better to stay away from them. on the contrary, there are apps available on google playstore that actually enhances the internet speed of your phone. download those instead.
update your phone regularly – google releases new versions of android operating system with improved updates. so, go for them for a smarter updated version of your phone.
clear cache data from time to time – another effective way is to remove cache that keeps filling up in the cache memory of the smartphone over a period of time when we access various other websites or download the apps. use the inbuilt feature of the phone if it has or use an external app but do it for sure.
use an external memory card – this is an excellent option for phones with low internal memory as it provides user an external storage space where the data can be stored. this also improves the speed of the phone.
try the restart option – this is another effective way to bring back the efficiency of the phone. just re-start your phone and see if it helps.

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