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Buy online nappets ayurvet zerokeet ectoparasite control for dog

Ad ID: 88879 2019-09-06


Nappets india is online pet store for accessories, pet products and supplements. find online ayurvet zerokeet ectoparasite control if you are looking for solutions to keep your dog free of fleas and ticks. dogs and other pets get infected by parasites during walks or from closeness with other dogs in their locality.

the zerokeet ectoparasite control for dog is a long lasting product. the application is fairly simple. just dilute it in water in a 1:2 proportion and use a cotton pad to apply it all over your dogs body. this can be simply applied with cotton on the infected area like underarms, on the neck, behind the ears and the tip of the tail. this is available in liquid form and easy to apply and also prevents any re-generation or chances of infection.

check online for best price and other nappets pet accessories and products. shop online dog flea control lotion at best price today.

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