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Ibm tivoli storage manager hands on online training , job support from canada experts

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ibm tivoli storage manager-tsm interview questions and answers, recorded video sessions, materials, mock interviews assignments will be provided

ibm tivoli storage manager course curriculum

(the course content can be modified as per your requirements):

module 1: installing netbackup

• verifying netbackup installation prerequisites

• identifying the location and size of netbackup catalogues

• administering netbackup licenses

• installing netbackup

• configuring netbackup

• installing clients

• upgrading netbackup

• installing and reinstalling patches

• troubleshooting common installation issues

module 2: configuring storage devices

• media manager

• device catalogue

• configuring devices: prerequisite

• device configuration

• configuring shared drives

• robotic test tools

• cleaning drives

• troubleshooting common device configuration issues

• configuring media

• media management architecture

• identifying the contents of the volume catalogue

module 3: configuring media

• using robot inventory to configure robotic media

• managing media

• troubleshooting common media issues

module 4: managing storage units

• storage units

• creating and maintaining storage units

• fragmentation

• writing backups-multiplexing

• creating and maintaining storage unit groups

• troubleshooting common storage unit issues

module 5: creating backup policies: attributes, clients, and files

• netbackup policies

• creating backup policies

• modifying policy attributes

• changing file settings for a policy

• changing client settings for a policy

• troubleshooting common backup policy issues

module 6: creating backup policies: schedules

• setting schedule details for a policy

• frequency-based scheduling

• calendar-based scheduling

• backup duration

• specifying retention periods

• troubleshooting common scheduling issues

module 7: monitoring netbackup activity

• the bpsched process

• monitoring devices

• monitoring netbackup activity

• using reports

• establishing log files

module 8: user-directed backups and archives

• user-directed operations

• interfaces to perform user-directed operation

• file permissions required by netbackup

• performing user-directed backups and archives

• troubleshooting common user-directed backup and archive issues

module 9: restoring data

• the restore process

• restoring from multiple images

• using the backup, archive, and restore interface to perform restores

• restoring to an alternate client

module 10: managing media and images

• the netbackup media catalogue

• importing backup images

• duplicating backup images

• netbackup vault

• verifying backup images

• expiring backup images

• troubleshooting common media management issues

module 11: managing netbackup catalogues

• netbackup catalogues

• considerations for catalogue configuration, backup, and restoration

• backing up netbackup catalogues

• restoring netbackup catalogues

• controlling the size of netbackup catalogues

• troubleshooting common netbackup catalogue issues

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